STX Crux™ 600 Women’s Complete Stick



The STX Crux 600 10 degree women’s complete lacrosse stick has an advanced Launch Pocket. STX engineered the Launch Pocket to be more flexible so the sweet spot is high in the pocket. The STX Crux 600 complete stick boasts a new technology called Drop Rail, that made the sidewall a bit skinnier but lowered the depth of the pocket at the sweet spot as well. With these two technologies you now have a softer and deeper pocket right up towards the top of the stick that really gives you some of the best ball control and quickest release in the game. The handle on this complete stick is the Comp10. The Comp 10 handle has an oval shape and is coated with a slightly tacky rubberized film that many players prefer. The Comp10 handle offers a massive advantage over straight handle technology for advancing players. The STX Crux 600 10 degree offers a deep pocket, softer feel, flexible pocket runner, Comp10 handle and speed scoop.

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