STX Axxis™ Women’s Complete Stick


The STX Axxis Women’s Complete Stick is the first draw specific offering for the elite draw specialist by STX. The Axxis uses new Draw Claw technology by STX to force the ball into a secure holding position grabbing control of the ball.


STX designed the Axxis from the ground up to outsmart any opponents head with its draw specific face shape shaped to fit within the opponents head immediately securing ball control. Utilizing a reinforced Speed Scoop the Axxis dominates ground balls with a perfectly rounded stiff profile. STX added a shortened throat for the first time in the Women’s game with the Axxis to increase maneuverability. The Axxis comes with patented STX 10 Degree technology for the ultimate in offset ball control.


-The first head designed specifically to win the draw in the Women’s game

– STX’s Draw Claw technology gives the Axxis powerful hold of the ball during the draw

– Designed with the perfect face shape for winning the draw specifically designed to fit within the opponents head.

– Redesigned Speed Scoop offers a perfectly rounded stiff scoop for powering through ground balls

– Shortened throat generates increased control and maneuverability.

– Patented 10 Degree technology

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