Crux 300™ Women’s Complete Stick


Inspired by the STX Crux 600™, the STX Crux 400™ lacrosse stick is built for the competitive-level attacker. The Crux 400™ has the signature Crux face shape and offers a tight pinch that transitions into a wide catching area. Its pointed scoop is great for accurate shots and passes and the minimum sidewall height allows for the deepest legal pocket with increased ball retention. The Crux 400™ complete stick comes standard with the STX Runway Pocket™ and a 7075 alloy handle.

Positions: Attack, Midfield

Skill Level: Intermediate

Legality: USL

Pocket Type: Runway

Throat Angle: Straight


The attackers choice for precision shooting, the STX Crux 300 Complete Stick features a 7075 handle as well as an extreme scoop angle which provides added snap. In addition, the Runway Pocket is a unique overlapping center string system allowing the two center runners to flex out and hug the ball. Also, the minimum sidewall height provides the deepest legal pocket.

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